Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Feeding time at the zoo…


They’re only gourgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


are you full time farming pal?


Why did you decide to cremate The scallops ?


I’m ateing all around me in this weather


An expensive and time consuming hobby mate


Stage 1 (cup for context)


Stage 2


Eggs are perfect


How will you cook it?


Sealed it in pan there for 10 mins and threw it into oven for 10 or 15 mins. Kids wont eat it too pink.


You know what to do so


Shove a beer can up its arse?


What was the advice again? Wrap it in tinfoil or summat?



It’s hard to give it up all the same. Father kept sucklers and was working full time as well. He’d be rooting around on the “farm” during the day and then off to work for 6pm til 2am after giving us a feed of floury spuds with alternates of burnt chops/burnt chicken Kiev/ burnt Donegal catch and beans/raw carrot/boiled carrot.

When I think of it the man was on the go from 8am-2am and we never went hungry. Was glad he had the bit of land when he retired, but feckall money to be made of it.


That’s a wonderful post, real love there. us fathers today don’t know we’re born.


No, cook it pink so you can have it all!


Lads like your father are proper role models.


He’s my absolute hero mate.

Was very nearly killed in his job in late 80s. 73 now and tough out. A pure pure roaster but would ate any type of cuisine from the world