Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Good advice . Honrale bit of grub


TO be fair them lads knew no better.My auld lad was the same.40 years on the post along with the sheep and sucklers.A days work done before they went to work and a days work done when they came home.The Bog,the fencing,the feeding{all by hand},the clipping,the dipping,the hay,the silage,digging drains cutting hedges building stone walls{all by hand}to name a few of the jobs.But they wouldnt change a thing and neither would i.Im off the last 2 days and im goin off the head with only the bit of feeding to do.


As the mans says,id ate that.Aer an auld spud to be seen


Id rarely ate spuds tbh. I chopped up 2 red peppers a heap of tomatoes on the vine 6 mushrooms an onion and a load of garlic and roasted them all together for a half an hour. Top job





Haven’t had one in absolutely ages, McDonalds is usually my go to if the urge takes, daycent though


You have to be ateing right and proper in this weather


Not a bit of avocado to be seen.Unrale


cold spuds fried and plenty of them


Fillet steak, chips & mushroom & onion diablo


Turn the picture around, what’s diablo


Can’t see if I can edit it so …

diablo is a sort of spicy hot concoction of mushrooms and onions


I believe it’s part of a whales vagina


well sure I heard that any vagina was like a whale’s for your chippolata


Nice, deep fried chips?


Was it bisto gravy you threw on the Steak?


Nice. Second picture looks a little easterrn european peasntlike.


Lovely tack


hahaha no … a glug of red wine into the pan to soak up the meat juice