Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Looks delicious, pal. :clap::clap:


yep … 5 mins at 140 and another 3/4 at 180


Do you have a deep fat fryer in your house, kid?


I do. the only way to make proper chips I think.


Your gaff must smell like shit though?


well you see I keep it in the utility room off the kitchen and open the windows in there so that works pretty well actually


Terrible picture. Ridicules amount of butter you fat pig. Cheap low quality rashers. Eggs look slightly undercooked. Very poor. 3.5/10


@vilbox is the boss around here pal


Prawns and beef do not go together. Beef is cremated. Absolutely pathetic. 2.5/10


Eggs look good. Underdone toast. Guacamole looks to fine. The combination is all wrong. Certainly not to my taste. Poor. 4/10


What rashers?


Meat looks tender and succulent. Gravey looks like it’s lacking proper flavour, nothing but a couple of small pieces of carrot gone through it. Rosti looks good. Where are the vegatables? Very bare plate with lazy input. Poor skills.
Poor. 4.2/10


No place for the likes of that in this thread.




I’m dreading the critique of my efforts. :astonished:


Proper curry. Proper country


Cold stodgy chips. Gloopy custardlike consistency to the gravy with a token red onion and mushroom gone through it. Meet looks seriously low quality. A disgrace. 2.3/10


As usual Turrene a fine display.


You shouldn’t eat food from a stainless steal mixing bowl you peasant. Pathetic.


So many mistakes here. Raw tomatoes and fish?? One of the points is a sympathy point for colour and you couldn’t even get that right, your colour scheme does not go together. Very poor. 3.1/10