Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Not appropriate for this thread.


Shop bought, innappropiate.


Not for this thread.


Simple plain and cheap. Not enough butter on the baked potato. Mixed veg from the supermaket looked overcooked and dry. Too much salt on the fishfingers. Poor 4.2/10


Tasty enough snack. ok. 5/10


Stupid boy. Pathetic. 1/10


Peasant food. Poor. 4/10


Clown food. Beyond pretentious. 1/10


Very tasty.


Those chips don’t look great. Sauce looks cheap. Very poor. 3.4/10


Chips look tasty. No onion with a steak? Mushrooms and tomato look tasty. Not sure about the qualty of that steak. No pepper sauce. Plate too small. Fair effort. 5.5/10


Underdone toast. Too much butter you fat pig. Rashers look average. Black pudding looks average. Dry plate overall. ok. 4.5/10


Low quality thin cut. Poor. 4/10


@mapdk1 your doin great work here lad.Keep it up.


I do need to cut down on the butter, good tip.


An absolute disaster. Spuds look like they were lieing in a bowl at the bottom of the fridge for a fortnight, they’ve even started to develope crevasses in them as they started to cave in on themselves before you decided to stick them on the frying pan. Those rashers look like the cheapest rashers I’ve ever seen. Your fried egg looks like it was fried in water, barely cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. Your beans were boiled to death and look like you just got there in time before you burned them. The fried bread looks like a greasy heartattack. The only thing that looks edible on the plate is your fried tomato, well done for that, at least your tomato cooking skills have improved. Overall. A complete disaster. 1.5/10


Eggs look ok. Bread looks inferior. Guacamole looks lacking in flavour. Poor. 4.1/10


Poor quailty pasty looking leg of lamb.


Poor picture.

Burnt toast. Eggs overcooked. Tomatoes undercooked. Rashers look ok.

Poor. 3.9/10


Presentation disastrous. Spuds look ok. No parsnips and challots through with the carrot? No gravy? Lamb looks completely overcooked and chewy. Pasty looking leg of lamb never looked like it had potential tenderness in the first place. Overall very poor. 3/10