Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


@mapdk1 valuable feedback.


He deserves a medal for the Culinary views he’s expressing tonight.


I don’t agree with your ratings but you are consistent and I can tell that you care.
You’ll do well in this job. Best of luck with it.


Presentation poor. Quality black pudding, quality scalops, all cooked well. Plate a little bare but for what it is, good. Tasty 6.4/10


I appreciate your feedback, pal. :+1:


Underdone toast. Overdone poached eggs. Bacon looks like was fried in water and your mushrooms are a little pathetic. Overall very poor. 3.3/10


A fine and healthy looking piece of meat.


Chips look good. Beans look good. Homemade burger looks meagre. Overall fair for what it is. Fair. 4.8/10


I should have noted there was bacon on the burger also but that’s fair enough for home cooked chips, beans & a bacon burger.


Well cooked piece of steak. Where is the rest? Incomplete meal. Overall. Fair. 4.75/10


Poor qualty picture. Good effort. ok 5/10


Not appropriate.


The photo didn’t do it justice, it was sublime.
It was also going on 3 weeks ago, you slow cunt.


We have few standards around here, but basic spelling is one of them


So much wrong here. Burnt toast. Undercooked tomato. Potato sliced too thinly and overdone. Mushrooms underdone and flavourless looking. Egg looks overcooked. Rashers looked like they were fried on a low heat for way too long and they’ve dried out. Everything on the plate looks cold. Overall. Very poor. 2.9/10


Presentation good. Chips look good. Steak looks good. Mushroom and onion accompaniment look tasty. Overall. Good. 6.4/10


Not suitable for this thread.


Again not suitable for this thread.




This gimp went back 5/6 weeks and spammed the shit out of the thread… Has he got pretend Italian blood in him?