Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Very harsh mate, I’ll take it on board but your predecessor @vilbox commented similarly on my eggs and I wouldn’t do them any other way.
There was no rashers on the plate, just ham, no fried bread, that was cornbread, those weren’t typical baked beans, and it’s common for baked potatoes to develop cracks in the middle.
I appreciate your efforts and you talk a good game but you didn’t get a single thing right on that plate.
You need to put your own efforts up for scrutiny today


Did really have to explain yourself to a spammer?


1.5 out of 10 for that outstanding plate of grub cut me deep


How’s the husband you disgusting shit eating piss drinking freak?


Wonderful language the day of the Sabbath


Good morning Mike I hope you’re keeping well. I’m sorry if it offends you Mike but that freak needs to hear the truth and be put in his place Mike.


You’re encouraging it, kid.


Just after realising that now chief


What was today’s sermon about?


I’m back on the forum to put you in your place and to make sure you behave yourself.


None this morning. That’s why it was so quick. Just a quick stay safe and check in on the neighbours reminder.


Thanks Mike.


And a reminder to respect your local Lidl I hope.


He’s the bipolar guy right? Abusing you disgustingly one minute and crawling up your hole the next?


Did you sort out the veg mike?
Dunnes was fully stocked this morning.


All sorted. Leg of lamb in the oven since just before 10. Will peel the spuds and the veg around twelve over a nice glass of vino


Stupid boy.


You fucked up that judgement of my of plate of food mate, you know fuck all so I don’t think you’re suitable for the role despite giving up your Saturday night to it.


Stupid boy…


What happened to @vilbox?