Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


When a poster of my stature on the board makes a contribution it is taken very seriously.


100% your normally such a grumpy bollocks the last thing people would have guessed is you were cracking a joke.


The INTERNET is a serious business.


lovely bit of lasagne there


Congrats @TreatyStones, a nice reply badge for this expose, :smile:


This has you very badly rattled for some reason.




It’s really fascinating that so many people obviously swallowed this, it’s nothing to do with me.


I’m in the process of cooking a big dinner for 8 people. Lamb, minted peas, asparagus, carrots roast potatoes, mash, gravy. Beetroot & Feta salad to start and one of the guests is bringing dessert.


You’ve been double ball hopped here, mate…


I very much doubt it,
Anyway the credit is all for Gil and Balbec, much as I’d love to take some of it


What credit? I dont think anyway REALLY believed that the chap that owns that little shit hole actually cooked for the Emperor of Mongolia …


Youv the last of the simpletons to be dealing with now :roll_eyes:


I’d beg to differ,
Either way you should try it out sometime.


Fire up a list of those that actually believed it… i’ve obviously missed a load of posts on this…

Yourself and the other Cork fella running around backing each other up all over the place is very cute.


Here you go mate


Believed it? A little discernment please.


That’s the way it’s gone these days.


Epic meltdown for you here. You need to get back to school as soon as possible.


Good word :clap: