Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Thanks for the approbation


The Carkies lack self esteem


It’s unbelievable viewing…


The whole country’s in pratai ground


Lot of fellas feeling very very silly here today. Letting on they didnt believe it! Treaty felt need to clarify it wasnt true and the joe.ie crowd flying in with the ‘I told you so’ likes. You have em hipping and hopping like sausages in the pan here pal for absolutely minimal effort.


Not too often on TFK you see a Double Reverse triple sided Ballhop like this but I suppose that’s the way things are gone these days.


The Cark lads claiming phantom victories all day :joy: — very embarrassing internetting here all day


There’s a Post Rating Dispute Resolution thread which could surely adjudicate on whether the likes were delivered by posters as part of a double ball hop or if those self same posters hit like because they were hopping like sausages on a pan. I can’t recall who’s in charge of adjudicating on the thread though.


I believe @TreatyStones is the go to guy in that respect.


I find it remarkable that someone would take likes given in a spirit of appreciation and camaraderie, and then gloat and pour scorn in such a callous manner. But I suppose that’s…


Nobody more qualified or impartial to make a call.


There’s no respect any more.

The internet we knew and loved is gone.


Its a tough one for treaty tbh.all the lads now claiming they didnt believe it. So either he was the only one and the lads are making an eejit of him, or else they reckon hes an absolute eejit for explaining a joke about 6 months later.

I just dont know. Bad form either way @treatystones is sound.


Can we let this lie please folks until the man has finished the Dinner for Eight.


As sound a lad as is in here. I wonder how he found himself reading an article about the Japanese chef who cooked for the French president and Rod Stewart


He was reading about a history of Galway chippers.


I’ve been working on this expose for weeks and struck gold when reading a feature on him in today’s Sunday Indo. He’s opening a new restaurant in Cork, it’s €95 a head, 12 courses and no choices, so this revelation has come at a very damaging time for him.


With great power comes great responsibility. Screw his dinner for eight.


Im surprised he wasnt too humble to mention it.


CLosed tonight on Evergreen street :weary: