Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


And a whiskey chaser for dessert. You turning into a dipso, bro?


That looks awesome. Your mam is an incredible woman Smark


That, on the other hand, looks hideous.


It’s there to complete the still life ensemble, obviously.


You seem angry, go shout at the legumes.


Whats a maple sausage?


A sausage with maple syrup in the ingredients.


Are they cooked before they’re battered?


It looked like a battered sausage


No, deep fried for 2 minutes at 185C.


It was a battered sausage. A battered maple sausage.


Twice cooked chips from a chipper?


A fancy way of selling reheated chips from the night before.


Chips don’t only come from a chipper. It’s actualy possible to make chips at home.


Of course but home made chips don’t usually look like the average Irish Italian Chipper chip. Battered Maple Sausages :smile::smile::smile:


Home made chips look however you decide to make them. If you know what you’re doing of course. You’re showing yourself up as a bit of a muck savage here mate.


You’d pay €4.50 for that in your local Macaris with a tub of curry sauce and it’d look and taste better. This lad throws it onto a spare plate from Bunratty Castle and calls it haute cuisine.

If the sausages weren’t so shrivelled and dry, they’d be hopping up and down in a pan.


Can’t believe you tried to pass that lot off as home cooking :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What would you know about home cooking?


My good wife would be embarrassed serving that up to me.