Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Fire up a pic of the next dinner she serves you up. Surprising you’ve kept her efforts hidden for so long.


Stop posting google images from Macari Chip Shops in here and we can all move along with the thread.


I still say it’s an ashtray


And it’s not even August


An ashtray with a battered sausage in it



I slice of pineapple would have glammed it up considerably


Have a look at it again you simpleton.


Harry is a good man to get baked id say


You would think a pretend Italian would know what a cazuela is. Shocking lack of culture out of you.


@labane1917 is seething over Chipper Chips. :grin::grin:


Outstanding mate, you’ve some culinary spectrum. I love the cazuela.


It’s a bit of a waste using them as ashtrays alright.


Is that what the market trader said?


It’s gas to see all the pretend chefs hopping mad over a pot. That said, no kitchen is complete without a nice terra cotta cazuela. Tassotti and Ambrose on the money here, as usual.


She wouldn’t serve that up to the dog.


That’s some nice glazing on that terra cotta


Homemade Mu Shu chicken, deluxe chow mein and pot stickers. Hope mrs @carryharry will approve.


Is that a full size bottle of Bushmills? It’s totally changed my perspective.
What name would you be putting in the cup…the gay looking one…?


:heart_eyes: That mule mug and authentic cardboard serving box will have the usual suspects hopping.


A smell of “try hard” putting a bottle of whiskey into the shot. What kind of a cunt drinks whiskey with their dinner?