Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


It’s not the whiskey that concerns me. The gay looking cup appears to contain flower petals, old raffle tickets and assorted sweetmeats. Wtf’s going on do you think?


I’s prefer not to know.


What a staged picture. Next time he’ll have a medal or an employee of the month award just casually sitting beside his dinner plate to show us how great he is.
What a sad cunt.


That cup is unbelievable. I need one


Honest question - do you reside in Bunratty Castle?


It’s not hard to get the usual suspects going.


Where did you get that cup?


Normal people might have a whiskey after their dinner?
hint… the bottle is unopened.


It is a splendid drinking vessel, my favorite at the moment. Can’t remember where I got it, but it doesn’t tarnish like the cheaper versions.


Hopping like sausages. I don’t take to Chinese food but the Bushmills is top notch.


Is the Chinese food being elevated from plate by a poppadom or a stale tortilla? Is this what they call fusion?


He’s spent too long in Poland. They’ve an awful issue with alcohol abuse out there.


You regularly have spidey seething, it’s fascinating to watch the way it’s gone now.


Savage effort


He’s the neediest cunt posting here truth told, he could do with another sabbatical or maybe he should just apologize to his missus.


Lovely. A simple bit of grub, an auld plate or a mug. That’s all it takes round here.


A very underrated piece of equipment.

Almost as important as the contents themselves. You’ve opened my eyes in this regard, my drinks cabinet needs a revamp.


Twas a nice homage to Eric Bristow and the glory days of Bullseye


Just rustled up a full irish there now for brunch.

Ps. The u16s cup just happened to be on the table.


I like where this is going