Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


The sauce looks less than creamy, overall; tasty


thanks, more wine than cream for sure. Fresh tarragon is a wonderful herb.


Must try to grow it, I’ve only used it in dried version.


It should be easy to grow there, it’s perennial as well so will come up every year.


Thanks for the tip, I’m trying to grow tomatoes, any tips welcome


Yeah! We haven’t the climate for them. Oh! you’ll find “expert gardeners” scuttering on about sunlight, watering etc., Best stick to the tried and true - Tesco - a packet for 59/79c.


Build a small greenhouse. I’ve done it in Ireland and had spectacular results. A wooden frame about 6 ft tall covered in poly. They are easy to grow, only need water and occasional fertilizer.

Absolutely nothing like a homegrown tomato. Mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic. You can grow basil in the greenhouse as well or in pots.


There’s an advanced gardening thread, we can take this over there before some old grump takes offense.


Had dinner in the Woodlands yesterday. Grub was very good (presentation could have been better on the starters) and service excellent. The little touches such as the owner coming out offering people extra meat etc make a great impression. They are great business people. It also helps they have no issues with kids running riot.


Roasters like us aren’t worried about presentation,as long as it’s good and there’s plenty of it that’s all that matters.




Is that Mexican for “dead rat on a carrot and swede puree”?


Evidence (as if any was needed) that no amount of generations living in the capital can remove the roaster from the man.


I cooked this tonight. It was lovely.


Was @balbec standing beside you?




I’d say you had to be careful. Paper burns easily.


Monkfish is glorious if cooked properly. What book is that out of interest?




Monkfish is smashing