Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


A man at the top of his game.



Succinct and cutting


I’m taller than that


Tfk at its best in fairness. You cunt.


Were you seething for the last two hours, before accepting that resistance is futile?

Because that’s what it looks like.


Sometimes you just have to give credit when credit is due.


I was walking down the fields.


I had a couple of pints with a Kilmallock man last night, a sound skin if more than slightly roasterish




The second one was intentional seeing as he bought it, it was a hotel bar


Rick Steins Long Weekends


Couldn’t decide so my wonderful wife said we’d split the two, fish pie and fish and chips,
Ballyseede garden centre in Tralee, fantastic grub, a perfect stop on the way to or from Dingle

emphasized text


The top one looks burnt


Dinner. The new spuds were put on the table for the first time this year.


That’s a working man’s plate of grub.


That’s @smark’s dinner mate


no new spuds for me unfortunately


did you miss the breakfast and just have all the meals fucked onto the one plate?

some vigorous peppering too. Even the table got it.


I love those black puddings with white pudding in centre.


Beans instead of those peas & normal black pudding :heart_eyes: