Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


I had a chicken breast a load or rice and a bit of chana masala left. Cut up an onion and fried it in the oil off a tub of peanut better and threw in the end of a jar of korma paste some tomatoes and some chillies. Put a load of butter in the bottom of a pot, mixed up all the above and threw it in with a load of peas and cooked for a while to make a biryani, threw a handful of peanuts on top. Fucking unreal :smiley:


You’re a weirdo


That’s wrong on multiple levels


Vile combinations.


Puzzling reactions.


You’ve inspired me to make some buttery toast. I’ve a bit of ferrero rocher nut lodged in my gum but will hold off brushing till I have my toast.


The green tay looks absolutely fucking vile. I’d ate the rest though.


Why not got full caramello? Why 2 of each. Very peculiar behaviour.


It might get a few likes if it were hanging on a wall in Centre Pompidou.


fuck sake, where are you going with this combo? some kind of spin the dial fusion cuisine?
i’m surprised you didn’t put a roast parsnip on the plate


That weird concoction @bandage had earlier has all the hallmarks of a little treat reward for doing exercise. I’d say his missus polices what he eats. Two squares of caramello for jogging 10kms in under 2hrs.


Everything available lashed together: most of a fillet steak, two bean burgers, sweet potato fries, a beef tomato, a few pickles, and two fried eggs and cheese and a lash of hot sauce.


Looks daycent. Id get three suppers out of though


What happened the rest of the fillet? I’m afraid to ask really.


Cod fried in a spicy oil followed by scallops fried in the same oil. Brown and wild rice risotto. Missing the pineapple salsa that it was served with.


Lunch today and yesterday, two steaks, 3 meals


Steak again? or did you mean tuna steak?


I’m eating two steaks over two days, so yes, steak again.



How do you take them??
would they be very local? I know you enjoy such things