Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Rare mate. :grin:

Local alright.



What happened the steak you posted earlier?


He ates two steaks a day. Before dinner. Keep up.


This is my recipe for quiche lorraine


More like a pizza. Did you grow that pepper yourself? There’s an advanced gardening thread as well if you didn’t already know.


I did. No heat in it though. I should have some Trinidad scorpions in a month or so


Is that pineapple? Some cretin had a pineapple salsa recently also… sick cunts.


My lunch?


That was me but I had the good taste not to include it in the image. Pineapple salsa is divine with a grilled piece of fish. Pineapple, Tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime juice. Try it you cunt.


I cant do pineapple or sweet with my savory … just cant do it bro.


The only people I have ever heard that nonsensical statement from have been English, who obviously know nothing about food. A ham and pineapple pizza is delicious.


I dont like it, just dont like it. I’d take spice all day


But the sweet makes the spice spicier


Barbecued pineapple on a burger is the bee’s bollox


Or a spicy chicken stir fry. Or fried rice.
Or a pina colada.


Can’t wait to slice this sucker and grill it, cc @Robert_Emmet


Not a fan, bro.