Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Is that your starter?


Any good? Still impossible to get really good fried chicken in Iteland



He lives in China bro.


Iteland yeah


Is that a chain?


You won’t get good fried chicken there anyway


It was grand. It’s a German place that a go to primarily for the beer.

If I want good fried chicken, I go Korean.



Is it human?




I’d say that’s the latest victim he met in Lidl in Dunmore, fair fucks to him for getting this far out of it. Any other forum and he’d have been dobbed in/ grassed, sussed, years ago* but on the good ship TFK he was actually encouraged.

  • not sure what asterisk I was gojgn ti use


Bollox. It’s the bears paw, minus the thumb- which he shoved up it’s hole for badness


The forum’s favourite, bak kut teh.


Tremendous stuff there T. :clap:


Cheers mate. Tbf I didn’t have all of it myself, my daughter had a few grains of rice.



Go on so,what’s in the strategically placed can?


What will you do after the stomach stapling mate?


Square bales of hay,plenty of good roughage


What’s that 1079 ? Never saw it before?