Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


It’s an exclusive Dutch Pilsner.
You can only source it in Aldi.


I’d say you’re a fat cunt between 25 and 30 stone.


Lovely colours on that plate, is it some sort of Welsh rarebit at the bottom?


They are chicken thighs


Of course, they’ve put me right in the mood for a welsh rarebit.


Butterflied leg of lamb on the grill here. Serving it with a mad relish made with preserved lemons, red onion, various peppers (some quite hot), garlic, honey, Thai curry paste, wine vinegar and lime juice. Viva Mexico, Colombia and Brazil! What a great weekend as the Americas step up to the plate.


Your some auld wum all the same.


Just back from a Malay wedding there, absolutely stuffed.


Did you have your trouser legs rolled up and your tie around your head ?




BBQ ribs and chicken wings fucking splendid!


Did they dump them on the table?


Where’s that? Chips look poor.


They look dry as fuck. You’d want a lash of curry sauce for them


You got your money’s worth out of that cigarette


Why are you atin your dinner off a poker table?


Palm oil


What’s with the bright red pants?


Picture not great but classic 4th of July fare. The tri tips got a little overseared but cooked to perfection, one medium rare and the other rare. My classic potatoes with peppers and onions, olive oil garlic and rosemary, corn soaked for hours and grilled in the husks.


In honor of World Cup semifinalists, I will be serving a dish from each country in the coming four days. We start with Belgium and a Carbonnade, large chunks of beef with onions slowly simmered in a dark Belgian beer. I embellished it a bit with bell peppers and carrots, mainly for color.