Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Jellied eels tomorrow is it?


fried mars bars


Wrong order. I’ll be out collecting snails tonight.


The Scotch aren’t there

Looking forward to this @labane1917


Nice stew pal


He’ll have jellied eels coming out of his hole after that concoction


His arse will be like an exhaust pipe come Thursday


Lovely bit of Japanese here.


Peppers aren’t very Belgian.


True, but I’m still upset at all the Columbian teams being knocked out. The English are getting habaneros in their spotted dicks.




No, in this case Columbian.


That’s a new one for me. Touché.


Feeding time at the zoo, as the man would say


I’d ate that


Le rosbif?


A roast of a Monday? Did you win the lotto, kid?


the bits left over from yesterday.

I’d be ateing roast beef sandwiches til Wednesday after a roast on Sunday kid


A fleeting visit back to the Homeland pal.

The mother gave me a steak and a bit of another one, and a few veggies and a few different spuds.



4 different types of potato there in that. that’s a noble feeding.