Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Choo choo

All aboard.


What’s speck in European terms?


Italian ham, a bit like Prosciutto


Sounds delicious. Do the peppers not disintegrate or lose their shape after 2 hours though?


They would if one of the roasters on here cooked them like bacon and cabbage. A very low simmer for two hours, lowest setting on the hob.


Tonight’s dinner is cancelled. Thank fuck.



You’ll need a run tomorrow fella


Ah lads. Couple of lamb chops. New potatoes that I just pulled from the garden and a few green beans. Unreal.


Decent starter . Put up the main in due course .


I’ve had two (2) ice creams tonight.


I’m planning something truly special for the World Cup final. It’s at fucking 8AM here but I’ll record it and show it to the sleeping/less interested later. A mid afternoon brunch would be perfect I think, 4PM kick off like yourselves. French themed, but not exclusively.



How many is that for?


8 plus one kid.


Being a Limerick man that was hard decipher. I read 8 + 1, kid


Another culinary masterclass.


You post consistently good food and consistently awful table cloths.


Steak and kidney pie. Felt like comfort food


Nice to see you pay your respects to your beloved England.