Relatively unknown players to look out for

From the time @mac stuck up his Facebook page

Did @mac really do that? And why?

After @Sledgehammer @mac is the most untrustworthy cunt on this site. You really have to admire him really.

I like this chap Yannick Carrasco playing for Atletico

Relatively unknown? He’s scored in a Champions League final. :laughing:


Bomber knew.


I like the look of this young lad Asensio playing for Real. Half Dutch half Spanish.

He’s becoming the main man there

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Just remember you heard it here first. Just like Carrasco.

Better write it down so.

Bandage will be seething again that he didn’t mention him first.

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Too busy enjoying the singsong

Naby Keita- RB Leipzig. Been very impressed the few times I’ve seen him and has scored a goal already tonight. Box to box midfielder style

Football hipster alert

They’re top of the Bundesliga mate. Not that odd to have seen them play three games on television



Red Bull Leipzing are probably anti hipsters
in fact id say the dortmund loving crew actually despise them given that they have no “tradition” but in reality they are no different to any club who have come in for a few pound, its the ultimate in football snobbery to proclaim to hate the concept of Red Bull Leipzig but if you support any professional football club and dislike them for been owned by Red Bull then you are a hyporcrite
they are a brilliant side tho and are almost a sure thing on the coupon every week, they signed that lad oliver burke from forest for something like 15 million euro, for some reason scotland decided he isnt up to international standard

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Strachan is a mong.