Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


She could be 5ft 6ins or so id say its her in any case,she calls herself one of those two names depending on her humour,ill ask her about these encounters did you tell her your name was Jugs?


Could have accepted it if it was because of Ted Theodore Logan.


Does she have long curly hair link? Kinda fairish?


Does this belong in this thread? Or should I open a new thread called "Fantastic First Names".


HE'S the boy with the most unpopular name in the world, and now his parents are in trouble with the authorities.

Adolf Hitler Campbell (3), pictured with his father Heath Campbell and his mother Deborah, made headlines last month when the family, from Easton in Philadelphia, attempted to buy a birthday cake for the boy at a ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich, New Jersey.

Bakers at the shop refused to spell out the youngster's name on the cake.

Last night Holland Township Police Sgt John Harris revealed that workers from the state Division of Youth and Family Services have removed Adolf and his younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell from their home.

Family services would not reveal the reason why the children were in care.


It might be a little curly and a little fairish im not a fucking hairdresser,she has salo skin.


Are you blind?


I dont know she changes her hair a fair bit,the salo skin bit does that fit?


Not for a girl no


Don't really think so. I haven't seen this girl in years and her hair was always long and curly. The skin colouring is kinda throwing it a little too. The only thing I'm hanging on to is the name and the location.


Christ lads, there might be more than one yoke called Mags.


Id be almost certain my Mags got off with Jugs,on the law of averages its highly probable.


I was going to say throw up a picture but that probably wouldn't do much to clear things up either. Don't think she was from KK and in any case there's surely a few Mags in every bogger town in KK.


When you say "my Mags", what's the nature of possession? Sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother or just someone you know?


Was thinkin the same thing myself, surely only slightly below average! jugs must be encountering an amazonian type of young one in the downstairs of coppers..


So was I, but I can confirm Jugs is a simpleton.


This thread hasn't been bumped in a while.

Took my nephew to football this morning and one of the kids there was called Ulcan - as in the ex Antrim hurler McFetridge.

Five years old and he is ruined.


There was a young lad in my school called Carthage. I hope he went on and did Latin.

Ridiculously excellent name.


There was a DJ on Shannonside FM back in the day called Carthage Kidney.

Always thought that wasn't his real name but now I'm not so sure.


There's a lad who plays hymns for an hour every Sunday morning on South East Radio (no messing) called Cecil Riddle (no messing).


Used to be a referee called Carthage Buckley. Think he was from Offaly. There was a very unfortunate incident I saw at a game he was refereeing, the O'Byrne Cup final in 1999 between Dublin and Louth at Parnell Park. His brother who was umpiring just keeled over from a heart attack in front of us - I was behind the goal at the Church end. Game was held up for about fifteen minutes while he was attended to. The officials at the end said that he was alright but he died later on. Really horrible thing to see.