Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


The most odious, obnoxious, bitter shower of bastards I ever had the misfortune of sharing airspace with.
Horrible horrible cunts


:lol: Tis fair fuckin rich that. Now you're just lashing out mate and looking very foolish as a result of it.






You'd miss @Arseboxin all the same smiley


Thats the last time i do subtlety for ye cunts


Something that you'll never hear said for yourself.


Speak of the ass...


That's a smacking.


It's not a first name and it's not really related to anything but I had reason to see @Fran's surname yesterday and I giggled for a few minutes. I'd seen it before but forgotten it. An absolute cracker of a name.


Is he a Ramsbottom or something along those lines? Plenty of names like that in Kilkenny.




No, it’s not of that style. It’s not particularly anglo or involving a bottom or a muff or anything like that. It’s just humorous and would put one in a mildly giddy state of mind.


@Fran - pm your surname there, pal. I did dream about you last night so it's not really that strange a request or anything you should be worried about.


Similar to Ramsbottom my surname is Sheepsrectum. Seán Sheepsrectum


We did the opposite to @Bandage's family and lost the "e" at the end instead of adding it on


So @Bandage is really @Bandag?


So Bandages family took the soup?


Throw it out there and give us a laugh


Is it Tickles?