Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


No they used to be the Fritzels. Francis Fritzel.




Baumgartner is a fucking cool name


Brian O’Brien. Now theres a fucking name


Unless your first name is Randy, like the US political figure. Particularly when most Americans pronounce it Randy Bumgardener, without any sense of irony.


In addition, I’m glad to say that I’ve read through this thread and only one of my children’s names appears on it.

The poster responsible will be hunted down and shot.


I was chatting up a bird years ago. Was going quite well until she told me her name was Gobnait. Got my gob outta there


As opposed to getting your gob-in-it?


You were right to get out of there. Any girl that tells you their is Gobnait and not deborah is fucling Gobshite.

Anyway your man that does the travel on The Right Hook has a god awful name Moncon. Who would inflict that name on a child.


I know both a Brien O’Brien and Donald McDonald


Wasnt there a Brien OBrien on the Irish Rugby management team at one stage?

Ive also met a Patrick Fitzpatrick and Gerald Fitzgerald.
Jesus I hope they never got together and decided to have double barrelled named


I’ve never seen or heard that name before. However do you pronounce it?


I think you’re right about the rugby guy.

It’s an odd attitude from some parents!


Which one Horsebox?


Schweinsteiger now theres a fucking name




Pronounced Gubnit and no offence to anyone but I would fucking murder my parents if I was female and they inflicted that on me


Gobnait is the Irish for Deborah…


Ever listened to Frank Kelly’s satirical version of the 12 days of Christmas?


Can’t say I have, bud.