Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


You should mate


Village inWest Waterford called Kilgobnet. Cill Gobnait


How is Gobnait the Irish for Deborah? That’s like saying Gonzalo is the Spanish for Desmond for fucks sake.


Speaking of which, theres a village on thr back road to Carlow from Castlecomer called Mayo. Been driving it for years and never realised it until the other day


Do you doubt me?


Yes, the link is tenuous at best. Deborah is a old Hebrew name. Gobnait is a very old Irish name. Other than both names having a relationship to bees/honey there is no link to each other or common antecedent, as is the case with names like Seán/John etc.


There’s a Leitrim in numerous counties.


I’ve worked with two of them. Both limerick men.


Never realised that until Mbb brought it ti my attention a while back


There was a lad in school named Dermot McDermot. His parents should be shot. One of the crusties in the kinvara environs was named Leaf by his parents.


Annet Curtain.


Chris Cross, to go with patrick fitzmaurice-maurice fitzpatrick. Paula Proudfoot (worked with one for a while)


Former Monaghan full back, famously on the receiving end of Rory Gallagher’s 3-9.


There’s a satellite dish man from Askeaton called Conor O’Connor.


There was a teacher in Askeaton Secondary school called Annette Curtin. Think she might have married into it. You’d have to seriously consider that relationship


Just got an email there from a guy called Greville


That’d be a common enough name in Westmeath.




Ulick -now that’s an awful name.

A mate of mine is called Brian O’Brien.


Timmy Dooley