Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


Ulick McGee


Welcome to the school yard in 1988… :rollseyes:


Were you born then?


I see there was a chap playing for Kerry yesterday called Pa Joy.


There was Dublin southside rugby afficionado who worked with us a few years ago who christened his daughter Temperance.


Had dealings with a gentleman called John Johnson last week, fecking ludicrous carry on from his parents.


There was a lad in school a couple of years below me called Justin Casey. He was a traveller.


from foynes?


Billy King is a phenomenal name when reading a Heart of Midlothian team sheet

No.12. King, Billy

the cut of this hun cunt


Worked with a guy called Mike Hunt


Another Billy King stepped down from his job as GM of the Brooklyn Nets at the weekend.




Poor Mike got an awful going over because of it


Ulick McGee and Eileen Dover


No from the Cork border. She did marry into the name. Sadly she passed away last year (RIP) @Julio_Geordio


Julio is dead? :cry:


Ephie Fitzgerald


Jonty Starbuck



Elvis. Stupid naming anyone after a fat lad that died eating a burger while taking a shit and drinking cola.



Pronounced Sorelee or Soreleeyeah or cunt