RNLI scum


Good girl Amber.


Google notifications working like a charm.


Are these homophobic jibes representative of official rnli policy @Dav1 or are you posting from your desk in rnli hq in a private capacity ?


Amber :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Dav1 is holed below the waterline here.


Bad form exposing my stripper name alright.


@dav1 which window is yours?
Want to meet in subway airside for a chat?


Gosh, this is exciting.


Would love to…have no time for subway though how’s about the harbour? be back at dock at 4 with another load of lobster for you toffs to enjoy at the greedy goose this weekend… spending a mere sniff of your hard earned keyboard cash.


Not on the boat.:joy:



well played mate


@Dav1 is playing a blinder here, if only the other lad wasn’t so well connected this could get interesting.


@Dav1with a convincing win in this round. I sensed a knockout but the other lads sensibly backed down. You can’t beat breeding.


You’re mad for fight today @backinatracksuit. Leave this one be for now. Give @Funtime a chance to pick himself up off of the floor.


I get you now :neutral_face:
I expected a bit more, @Dav1 isn’t the pushover he was set up to be is all.


Tomorrow nights edition of at your service with Francis will feature a guest house owned by an RNLI volunteer.
Just a heads up like.


Was it any good?


How dare you


You on the clock here @Dav1 ? I’d like to know if your responses are funded by the misguided donations of widows or are you on a day off from the hustle and bustle of rnli airside hq


He’s wound you up here fella. He’s got you in his back pocket.