RNLI scum


I posted that before my daily matcha latte brah.all good now


good man. I’d hate to think you got the bank holiday off to such a bad start.


He’s set up for the day now all ready to give the mother in law her bath



Just to confirm the mother in law is here after we spend the summer in FNQ


Just waiting for a few pots to brew, hauling them up shortly…
Btw widows = easy money


I baked a cake for an RNLI fundraiser in the yacht club yesterday.


Any mention of widows and there you are :grinning:


One of my favourite places, I spent a month in Port Douglas earning a bit of money to continue my travels years ago.


Collusion. You were probably part of the Vichy France regime.


a fifth columninst, i imagine @Fagan_ODowd to like Gay Byrme


@Dav1 is really shoving it in @The_Selfish_Giant’s face today. He’s only gone and set up RNLI collection points all over malahide today! Every corner of the diamond is covered, outside the lawn tennis club(!!!) and they even have one outside the LONDIS at ArdnaMara. Not sure about the swamp, I didn’t go all the way to swords.


They’ve been there sInce Friday mate.


Cat got your tongue @The_Selfish_Giant?


Oooooft. Could the Giant not afford a house in his beloved Malahide?


the RNLI teddy bear is so cute


Pffft… yachts eh boys.



Not a reputable news site.


While @Dav1 and his royal yacht supporting chums were assisting Protestant craft who had the sailing woozies off the tallow coast this sort of thing was happening in Arklow town. Until public money and resources are taken away from @Dav1 and his cronies and put into land based policing we can expect this type of thing to continue. Not sure how he sleeps at night



Man about dog… who shit in me van…


cc @manaboutdog