RNLI scum






It took 15 years but at least it has finally become clear why the Lansdowne Road crowd booed Peter Madsen when he came on as a second half substitute for Denmark against Eire in a March 2002 friendly international.

They thought he was a murderer.

And they were eventually proved right.


I see another eastern European man was swept off rocks into the sea at Kilkee over the weekend. Seems to always been eastern Europeans this happens to.
What’s the story?


No Swans left on the rivers – fuckers are going for our dolphins and porpoises now.


Apparently they aren’t used to waves and lack local knowledge re potential heights of waves and set up in dangerous positions as a result.


Lol… good one :grinning:

They’re after our dolphins.


I smell a rat here.

He got into his car & drove to Limerick to raise the alarm.

Wtf are these RNLI scum at on the West Coast?


Also, some prick in a RNLI Jeep & Boat blocked the entrance/exit to the Ploughing Match site Friday evening the obnoxious bolloxs.

Their kind are not wanted or needed at this weeks show piece event. :rage::rage:


WTF, not since an episode of Bullseye has a boat been so out of place,
Roasters in a boat :rofl:


Are you saying g it was on porpoise?


Doonbeg . Any one with an ounce of sense wouldn’t go where they go.


More propaganda on the national broadcaster this evening

cc @Funtime


Well done @Dav1
We’d be fucked without ye :clap:




I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I come from a long line of fishermen mate.


Can’t wait…


go raibh míle maith agat.


@Dav1 check this article out :



A jeep pulled out in front of me this evening, saw me coming but sloped out anyways… blatant disregard for my safety the lazy, ignorant bastard.

Came out side road onto a 2 lane carriageway to the right hand lane where I was…

Obviously I began a campaign of jihadi style gesticulation but when I spotted the R.N.L.I sticker I lost all reason altogether…

Undercut him, pulled in front, stuck the car to the road, swerved into the left hand lane to stay in front of him…

Stuck it to the floor a few more times and we eventually came to a halt side by side at a roundabout. Now, I’m not proud of this but…

I pinched the nose and did the bubbles/drowning thing to him and gave him the big Un before leaving him completely confused and no little upset as I drove on.

I’m chalking it down as a win. @TreatyStones dock road style.