Road to Nowhere 2018


Peru in the play off as things stand by 1 goal over Chile!


Colombia have scored. Chile back into the playoff spot.


Chile are??


Bollix, Colombia have scored.


Some of the dross from Europe? The USA are probably going to qualify and they’re getting hammered by Trinidad


Colombia scoring is good news for Argentina and Chile.

But Paraguay would leapfrog Chile if they can beat Venezuela. Still 0-0.


As it stands in play


It would be remiss of me not to remind you of the legend that was Hector Chumpitaz…A warrior…


Bruce Arena commented in his press conference that he’d love to see the European “hotshots” come over and try qualify from CONCACAF. He’s being rightly derided.




Chile are fucked if Paraguay score. This is fucking box office.


Simply genius


The fucking state of that for a qualifier group no wonder the US nearly always gets to a world cup.



some goal


Magnificent Messi.

How he has delivered tonight.

One of his greatest ever goals.


@Nembo_Kid mugged off good and proer


He is truly a great


4 or 5 teams from South America, 3 or 4 from north and Central America. How many from Europe? Just because Europe has become 100 countries.
Compare the populations of the continents. Should be 10 Americas and 12 Europe.


They’re also fucked if Peru equalise.


The Argentina fans who apparently hate Messi @Nembo_Kid chanting his name with some gusto here