Roddy Doyle owns the GGA


You barely say a word on here and come straight in here when someone commits heresy against your beloved GGA, wailing like Princess Di has died all over again. :joy: Who has the chip here?

Imagine being such a mucker that you would be proud of being so insular in outlook.


A mucker? Fair play to you, now. You are to imagination what Vapona is to flies. Top class.

If by ‘a mucker’ you mean someone who knows their own mind and dislikes shibboleths, collect 200 nicker, pass Go and head for that Kinks’ song.

But such is not your meaning, because you are lumpen in the head.

Why not give that chip a tickle, just for the sheer hell of it? Why not? David Davis might be coming to a nearby conference centre sometime soon. Or Kevin Myers, who now has time on his hands.

Or you could give it a tickle and stare at your Vladimir Putin poster.

The bare chested one, beside the dead bear.


I suggest you heed your own advice.

He’s entitled to his opinion as am I.

It’s not my fault that folks like yourself will become hysterical when someone says they don’t like the GGA. The years of propoganda beaten into you by whatever Christian Brother taught you has done the trick. It’s usually the weak minded ones who fall into the toxic soup of faux nationalism from the strong man. Vlad who?


Ah, I was wondering when we would reach the Christian Brothers reference… You are to predictability what Jacob Rees-Mogg is to enunciation, a marked excess of tone over content.

Was not taught by Christian Brothers, sorry. Lay teachers, all the way. Unlike you, more to the point, I was taught by myself. You and received opinions are like Robert Kilroy-Silk and fake tan. Smeared all over, both cases.

Myself, I just happen to like hurling and the GAA in the same way I like drinking Chateau Musar with roast woodcock. Both activities are a highly enjoyable way of spending pockets of time.

I am not giving you advice, unless showing someone up for an idiot is giving them advice.

Which it might be, if you were not carrying the anvil of your own ego.


One of the worst things that happens a society post colonization is when the middle-classes decide that the culture of the colonizer represents progress and that native culture is backward in outlook … so chunks of the colonized cling to the culture of the colonizer and turn their back on the ways of their own culture… Terms like bogger, mucker etc etc are prime examples of this.

It’s tragic that you, @The_Selfish_Giant and @Matty_Hislop hate yourselves so much, and detest your ancestors and being Irish.


Million per cent.


That’s all fine and dandy, enjoy what you want. I’ll enjoy and criticise what I want.

You are being completely irrational here though and flying off the handle at someone not liking something.

Or maybe it is Roddy Doyle’s success that irks you? I notice that you’ve come in here just a few times, and those were to attack writers. You clearly fancy yourself as a bit of a writer. Does all the money that Kevin Myers and Roddy Doyle made during their careers really wind you up so much?

You probably hit the market in the wrong decade. The market for the hack spewing bile about West Brits and colonisation has been dying for decades.


I’m single handily bringing it back and making it sexy again.


I will let other readers judge who sounds irrational (is ‘mucker’ a rational term?) and who sounds like they are flying off the handle. You are the only poster who used the term ‘West Brit’ in this thread. Then again, creating straw men causes itches in the strangest places, same as staring at that poster.

You are so stupid and predictable that you have to travesty what is involved in enjoying the GAA for the vast majority of people. As anyone who knows me would quickly say, I am actually Anglophilic in many regards. But that private facet is not relevant. Your stupidity, as per this thread, is a public affair.

As I said: Jeffrey Archer is wealthy and immensely successful. I am approximately as jealous of JA as I am of you.


The colonising British invented modern stick hurling and codified the game in Trinity College on a rugby pitch.

Yet you still like the game. Have you got Stockholm syndrome or something?


No, “the colonising British” invented you.


I’m Italian, mate.


I destroyed you on that once already Brit boy… The lads had a game basically like hockey with offside :grinning: you stupid man… The only thing the Brits invented was you.


What is tragic is simpletons like yourself who champion a select few old things you like and pretend that’s integral to being Irish.

@Malarkey will ally with you now, but he’s the same person who just criticised Roddy Doyle for liking association football. You wouldn’t be a fan of English football would you?

This is the issue with you chaps who delighted in 4th class reading about the IRA ambushing the Black and Tans but never moved on. It won’t be long until we find a piece of hypocrisy from Malarkey I imagine. He’s probably into horse racing like a lot of muldoons are, a culture brought into Ireland by the Brits.

Human beings and societies evolve and grow. The GGA has suffered with the growth of the internet and availability of other entertainment options for Irish people. Back in the day they use all their political strings to try and suppress other things, they can’t anymore. It’s up to the GGA to survive on its own two feet, you two boys going to the well and squealing about "culture’ is a sure sign of fear.


Well, you are a choc ice. So…


You can be Irish and enjoy other cultures, mate…that’s what I do but I’m invariably proud of my heritage and will never deny it, good or bad. You enjoy other cultures but you’re ashamed of your own… It’s desperately sad.


You’re probably sitting there in your Liverpool FC jersey typing that. Telling us all how Oirish you are because you come from a some bog kip.


You haven’t made one rational point in here. You immediately came in here to have a swipe at Doyle.

Actually debate what Doyle said or not.

You’re the first person here to bring colonisation into it, its obvious what time you are. A cultural facist raging that you can’t do more than overuse Jason Rees Mogg and Jeffrey Archer references to try and stop it.


I am afraid it is you who is, self evidently, a simpleton. You do not possess even rudimentary quality in grasping and paraphrasing an argument. I did not criticize RD for liking soccer (although I reckon, with good reason, people should think twice about supporting Chelsea, due to their far right associations, and I reckon Irish natives should think thrice). I criticized RD for travestying the GAA. This point is hardly a difficult one for even a simpleton to grasp.

‘Muldoons’ is such a rational, not flying off the handle term, is it not?


You’re proving my point over and over, mate.

English soccer is entertainment and there’s nothing wrong with anyone enjoying it once they don’t actually believe they are from the city/area of the team they ‘follow’… The likes of @mikehunt and @Sidney actually think they are scousers while @AppleCrumbled, @The_Most_Infamous think they are from Manchester… Then we have you getting uppity about antisemitism because you support Spurs … Lolz… You couldn’t make it up. ROFL. Just be yourself, mate.