Roddy Doyle owns the GGA


‘A cultural facist [recte: fascist]’… Such a rational term.

I am handing you your arse in a Tory tee shirt and nearly everyone is looking on with glee.

Nothing to do with West Brits or muldoons or muckers. Just the eternal joy of seeing a creep get Vapona-ed.


Practice what you’re preaching then.

It won’t be hard to find you calling people who like rugby football West Brits, even if they like and play GGA. You hold a different standard for association football, simply because you’re a fan of an English team.

Maybe you’re just projecting like Malorkey is though with his envy of other writers success, maybe your rage just down to Limerick hurling’s mediocre history and success. The fact that Limerick is known for rugby football.


You can keep saying “I’m handing you your arse” or “such an original thought”, that’s fine with me. It’s becoming as repetitive as your analogies to Jeffrey Archer and Jason Rees Mogg though.

Maybe you believe you’re handing people’s arses here. Maybe in your mind you do believe you could have been the one penning Irishman’s Diary, if it wasn’t for that excuse you have embedded in your brain. Maybe you could have written a best selling book, if that thing didn’t happy. If you keep thinking and saying it over and over, maybe it will become true.


I have no jealousy of any Irish writer, if by ‘writer’ you mean ‘novelist’, as you appear to do. I just happen to have criteria beyond ‘success’.

There are excellent Irish writers out there. Three of the best would be Kevin Barry, Claire Keegan and Claire Kilroy.


Yeah - I’m incandescent with rage because Limerick are shite, at everything… My ire is reserved for people who are ashamed of being Irish… Most of those people just happen to play/watch rubby is all.


Even syntax is breaking down now in the solvent of your stupidity and ego.

It is so very telling that you see ‘An Irishman’s Diary’ as a touchstone of excellence.

How gorgeously predictable.


No writers. Both Doyle and Myers are writers. You’re seething over their succes on a message board.


You’re seething because people belittle rubby on a message board.


Where did I say it was the “touchstone of excellence”?

It’s simply one of the things that got Myers his name. You’re reduced to looking to adding “An” to posts here. This is probably the highlight of your own career though, getting a few likes from the Rastoolers on here.


I am not seething – that strange TFK term – over anything and least of all over the success of RD and KM. I suspect you spend a lot more time than I do thinking about other people’s success. Other people’s success is certainly your default preoccupation.

You are a nasty piece of work getting called out for it. Not so nice, is it, even when you have been cauterized by stupidity?

I just happen to believe RD and KM are notably poor writers. And I further believe a significant element in their poorness is their revisionist tendency, because revisionism Irish style drives out curiosity, the fuel of any good writer.


Me? Roddy Doyle said he had no interest in rugby and that’s fine with me. You lot flew off the handle over it, though we know the real reason why @Malarkey did now.

I have an interest in the business of sport and like to talk about it, with facts and figures, not vacuous and hypocritical statements about culture. You won’t see me ducking into the All Ireland thread to have a pop at the GGA. I get a lot of my rugby football news on here from a subset on here who like to provide live match commentary of a sport they claim to hate. Go figure.


Ah no, I have had the odd highlight along the way. But, irrelevant.

Your highlight, really. ‘Debating’ with someone a million times more intelligent than you must be an awful thrill.

Especially when he is a mucker. Must be like when you put blackcurrant in a pint of Guinness.


I don’t see why you feel the need to drag @dodgy_keeper into this?
You’re absolutely seething here in a way the board has never witnessed… it’s as clear as day, just like your British overlords, you don’t like it up you.


Here we are now, a champion of the “revisionist” phrase. I bet it’s because of a couple of revisionist editors that you never got the kudos or positions you wanted.

Explain how Roddy Doyle not liking the GGA and making some points about why is revisionist?


What am I seething about?

Roddy Doyle doesn’t like rugby. Fine, no problem with me.

There’s a couple of posters here crying over his opinion and bringing the True Gael spiel in though.


I use ‘revisionist’ and ‘revisionism’ because the terms are a convenient way of conveying a complex set of dynamics. Did those non Christian Brothers never explain to you how language works?

I get the story. You are from a reasonably well off background (probably auctioneering or some such) and they could send you to a private school (probably Terenure or some such). But a private school is no cure for stupidity, although it will breed a certain (scrum half like) doggedness.

You are not to blame for being stupid. Most of that condition was outside your control, although curiosity is a quality than can acquired through desire. You are certainly to blame for being so addicted to bad faith and travesties of argumentation.




To answer a direct question: RD is ‘revisionist’ in how he views the GAA because he is hypocritical, first, in treating the GAA as a homogenous (Irish nationalist) entity and, second, in not applying similar criteria to support for English soccer. If the GAA is tarnished by historical elements of chauvinism and narrow gauge nationalism, by what mulltiple is Chelsea tarnished by the Headhunters element? And supporting soccer per se by its longstanding association with far right groups?

Of course, people just like soccer, same as I just like hurling. But RD’s ‘argument’ is devoid of any such nuance. It is no more than passive aggression in the key of twee,

Revisionism means never having to say you are sorry.


Bye bye Tim Riggins.

Another one bites the duster.


Deary me
Poor Malarkey