Roddy Doyle owns the GGA




@Tim_Riggins you’ve been a poster here as long as I can remember and I have never seen you being foul-mouthed vindictive or willfully disrespectful to anyone here. You are a rugby man with a first rate knowledge of the game which is to be highly respected by anyone. Don’t be rising or unsettling yourself for these clowns.


Very well said




This is a spendid back and forth between @Malarkey and @Tim_Riggins.

@ChocolateMice’s failed efforts to become relevant on the thread are embarrassing.


Can’t argue with seeth increasing ones inability to type " real good ".



The above is not what he said in the linked article though. He said the GGA was basically a load of soccer supporters waiting for the new season to start and the GGA engaged in propoganda given all of the empty stadiums. He never drew a distinction between football and GGA fans, in fact he connected them.

You are simply making things up to fit into your Irish nationalism zealotry. Argue what he said and don’t just default to your defensive Irish nationalist reflex language.

Your shoehorning of revisionism in here is telling. It has nothing to do what he said but the use of the word is the norm for those who don’t want to debate. You’re the one who brought up “colonisation” and pointed out his association football fandom, you are raging. As I said, when accusing others of having a chip on their shoulder, have a look in the mirror.

I also see that you managed to quote me three times overnight in replies when I wasn’t on here. One letter to the editor should be enough.


You must have missed the US politics thread then.

You’re lucky to be honest.


A pit of political theory Tim.


my god that’s an unreal post there
savage internetting
cc @Tassotti


Am I getting deja vu all over again?


Are ye planning on going with the dirt again this weekend?


Whatever means necessary.


Was Talty teaching in Dublin at the time.

Jesus they were great days. No homelessness. We were all poor together.


speak for yourself


You bastard


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Everything I know about Australia I learned from the Sullivans.


More of a Country Practice man meself