RTE Correspondents


I’d say Gemma is no craic whatsoever.


I think she is a bitter lady .


She could do with a night on the beer I’d say.



He was/is an alright sort


A complete change of image by Micheál Lehane on the news here as he attempts to become RTÉ’s main political correspondent in the wake of David Davin-Power’s departure. He’s eschewed his usual pair of glasses for contact lenses and is sporting a much tighter, more modern haircut.


Caitriona Perry was delighted to have been recognised yesterday by President Trump.

What a great guy he is. Perhaps Caitriona will change her tone in relation to the president.


Nice big article about her in the Daily Telegraph. She’s made it now.


Has he ditched the transition year student look?


Is that Lehane or Leeehaaane?


Is he from Cork ?


Keep up FFS


He appears to favour the Wexford pronunciation.


At the same time , exactly kid . I will retract .



She’s spent the last 12 months whining about Trump, but giggles like a love struck teenager when she gets within 10 feet of him.




How dare he be nice.


He has this magnetism around women. They just can’t resist him.


It can be often be difficult for women to resist a 6 foot 2 inches tall, overweight, orange, blockheaded, lecherous creep trying to sexually assault them without warning, alright.