RTE Correspondents


Power and money are some helluva aphrodisiac .


If Obama had said that they’d be doing cartwheels, he’d probably get another petrol station named after him


She seemed pleased anyway.


It’s a pity he didn’t grab her by the box. Liveline and Prime Time would be serious craic.




It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.


Disgusting post


How do you know?


the usual suspects aka the permanently outraged are frothing at the mouth over Trump paying a compliment to someone who doesn’t usually get too many compliments.
can someone log onto the internet to tell these morons that the recipient of the compliment is absolutely delighted with herself?


The goofy head on her, she’s delighted with herself


Would ya though?


Donald would anyway


Caitriona Perry To Star In Special 9 Hour Late Late Show After Being Complimented By President Trump https://t.co/6vWnCRJvTP




That’s one of their more believable ones!


She is delighted :grin:


You are resorted to name calling.

You need to pick yourself out of the gutter.


Charlie Bird must be seething



Haha has a RTÉ US correspondent finally decided to go somewhere other than NY, Washington or Chicago?