RTE Correspondents



I can’t even begin to imagine how dull and earnest that book will be.


Siobhán Ryan, the weather presenter, is a lovely lady with a very pleasant personality.


She has an abnormally large left ear which really puts me off


Dobbo moving to Morning Ireland.


She is gorgeous in real life.


I am pretty sure that Thrawneen had a cut off her, or least he said so on here which probably means he didn’t.


Strangely enough I knew her reasonably well about 15 years ago, she was fairly average back then.


he was saying he was sweet talking her in Cafe en Seine alright and that he fell in love with her, four or five posts later some lady from a dating website picked him up on a street corner in kilcoole brought him to the pier in greystones and sucked him off.


I think that was a different one. He deleted the posts relatively quickly.


were you monitoring his posts?


What an odd post. Is everything ok buddy?





Thrawneen logged a celeb spot one Saturday morning where the lady in question was in bed beside him. He then deleted his post an hour or two later for fear she’d see it if she googled herself. Not exactly your standard TFK Saturday morning discussing trout tickling


The weather lady was in the sack beside him? I’ve said it here before a few times but I think she’s an extremely attractive woman.


She wasn’t. @mac is making that up, which is very very odd.


very odd


Jaysus there’s a bird on rte there with a South Dublin accent doing a storm report with a face for Radio. Emma something or other, massive massive forehead in her. It’s very very rarely you’d see the like of her on the television nowadays.


Dobbo is giving a masterclass here on rte television. He gave Gerry the weather man a subtle grilling there and I can guarantee you Gerry won’t be back on until he knows everything there is to know about this hurricane and hurricanes in general.
Sharon no Beolawn is still in make up.


We are in safe hands here with Dobbo.