RTE Correspondents


Paschal Sheey’s jacket :astonished:


Pascal sheedy on there with a jacket about 4 sizes too big for him. I have a similar jacket myself.


Dobbo and Sharren gone, and replaced by



Who’s replacing Perry in the US?


I’m not allowed say at this time.


I presume there’ll be uproar at the discrimination on show from RTE here. No male news reader on the 6 or 9 o clock news.


Clever way to lower the wage bill.




The Shanley announcement is great news for TV3. Listening to her will drive people away in their droves.


I give them a year…


If Twas 2 males the screaming Mullally’s would go batshit .


2 women on 6.01
2 women on the 9 o clock news
A woman running Crimecall.

A gender roars back.


Good for them and I wish them well . No let them realise there is no anti woman agenda .


What about the blacks and faggots? We need more darkies on tv - female darkies and more gays please.


Fair City are pretty good with their token minority appearance.




Sharon Ni Bheoilain was always worth tuning into.


It’s only reading the news


They said they’re going to advertise internally