RTE Correspondents


Sharon ni beolain is a lightweight.


It’ll surely be Ray Kennedy after he got shafted for the Six One gig.


Sitting ni Beoilaen is outside Dail Eireann interviewing TDs with a very very poor fake tan smathered all over here face, like some trollop going off to the Aintree grand National.


This annoying, gurning, stooping weirdo has just been appointed RTE’s Washington Correspondent to replace the returning Caitriona Perry.


You could sense the tension there between Caítriona Perry and Sharon on the Six One…


Do RTEs “Washington Correspomdents” see the bread and butter stuff as beneath them when they return ??


Zainab (last seen here welcoming Varadkar’s appointment as Taoiseach) is an RTE correspondent now. Fairly stilted delivery in her little fluff piece about the Mansion House live crib. We’ll see if she can up her game.


She’s fucking terrible to be honest




She reminds me of ‘Token’ in South Park. I’m going to call this out here and now, judging by the reports I have seen by her so far I reckon she wouldn’t be working for RTÉ if she was white because she’s absolutely terrible at it. That’s not an insult, THAT is just a fact of life.


By God.


Is she the wan who had a gig with Newstalk?


Zainab will be fine.


She’s no Zeinab Badawi in fairness.



How did the returning hero get on presenting the six one news last night?


Carla O’Brien looks to have a grand appearance


There are an awful amount of token women ‘reporters’ after popping up on rte all of a sudden.
They are generally of a very poor standard.


And the black one is the worst by a long shot. It’s an insult to the profession and to journalists and women everywhere


The black one is like a comedy skit