RTE Correspondents


Sharon’s top tonight not doing her any favours.


She should leave the tops at home


That cunt Perry wanna go. Can’t be looking at her head for the next 30 years.


She’s likely part of the kid’s news, they’ve been using their reports from the kids news shows as filler for years. This time of year you get a lot of small stories being used to test out up and coming reporters.

The guy that looks liek Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Paul something, who does the sport news started out like that 10 years ago and was woeful. Took a long time for him to improve at all.


He’s still fucking woeful if you ask me


Brian O’Donovan appears to have landed the Washington gig. Cc @Bandage


FAO of @Fagan_ODowd.


There was a humerous incident on one of his first news reports.


Does the greater Irish public think that “RTEs Washington Correspondent “ has real influence over there ??


Yeah he’s not good. I think Joe Stack is the best of them. Justin Treacy is good as well.

Evanne Ní Chuilinn is dire as well.


Charlie Bird thinks that Charlie Bird had tremendous influence when he was there, in the centre of everything.


The RTE crowd would like to think that the greater Irish public do.


Who thinks he has influence over there? He is not reporting irish news in Washington he is reporting to us. His influence or lack of it is irrelevant


Will Goodbody seems like a harmless chap who’d make polite small talk if you were stuck sitting beside him at a wedding.


The RTÉ Washington Correspondant is the greatest waste of money going. If they are going to just report what they read in the New York Times that morning then why are they there? Charlie Bird knew what a professional waste of time it was over there for him.


Are Perry and Shanley on Sharon or Dobbo wages? Have RTE announced it yet?


They are in their fuck.

What would the money be like for that gig? I’d imagine you’d get the same few bob as Ciaran Mullooly.


I found the praise Perry was getting from various quarters for her Washington role over the past 2 years or so fairly bewildering.


Not him per se more the post . A lot of the dublin establishment like to big up the post .


It was for no reason other than her being a woman. She raged against the evil President Trump and then giggled like a giddy school girl when he paid her a compliment.