RTE Correspondents


That was absolutely pathetic.


And a very chauvinistic comment as well!


It just goes to show, its hard for any woman to deny President Trumps raw sexual magnetism.


Leitrim’s finest Carole Coleman was nearly sacked by RTE for quizzing Bush Jr. hard about the wars in the Middle East.


ye jumped up and down stamping ye’re feet looking for equality lads and now ye’ve got Catriona Perry reading out the news at 6 oclock instead of Brian Dobson


The world was at war, it was no time for petty point scoring by some jumped up cub reporter from Drumshambo.


I thought Dobbo was being moved to radio?


Dobbo died.


Carrick-on-Shannon actually mate.


You shithead.





If not revolting


Who gives a fuck who’s reading the news? What an odd topic


Was he another that RTE poached off TV3? In a scene similar to Shawshank Redemption, I can imagine him in the RTE apartment in Washington looking at carvings on a wooden beam made by previous incumbents of the position.


You need a strong man like Dobbo with the gravitas to front the news


Can you imagine the likes of Huw Edwards or George Alagiah being in Oireland and watching the news at 6 and seeing that. It’s fierce embarrassing.


That beats banagher alright… Wtf


Rte destroyed the weather and now they are destroying the fucking news.
We always had good men in weather. Aidan Nulty, Fleming, john doyle. Leaders.
Gerry Scully was another good one. And there was a fella back in the 70s and 80 called paddy McHugh who was brilliant at the weather over many years.
Then rte started bringing in dolly birds who doubled up with presenting the lotto draw. Nuala Carey and that. Token women. Never recovered from that.


No unqualified dolly bird has ever presented the main evening weather shows mate