RTE Correspondents


If you miss seeing men winking at you you could always go to a gay bar?

You’d enjoy Pantibar, I think.


The RTÉ news sport is always weird when they let that Dave Kelly guy loose. “Watford have today parted company with Marco Silva. The Hornets, in 10th position, are expected to make a move for ex Malaga manager Javi Gracia to replace Silva.” Is this BBC Hertfordshire or something?


Two young gougers behind Cathy O’Halloran there on the Six One News as she gave a solemn tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan. One of them roared something like 'RTE News, alriiiiigt" in his plush Limerick lilt as Cathy finished up her report.

A few weirdos interviewed outside the church from Cork who had travelled to pay their respects to someone they had never met. Bizarre.


Michael Collins had a massive funeral, most of the people there never met him, these are influential people who people respect, Limerick is burying an icon, can you not understand that?


He is a particularly vile type of Limerick person, a real self loathing type who hates all the major successes in Limerick, Dolores, Munster Rugby, etc etc.


One of them wearing a rugby cap of course.


A British side at that.



She didnt look like barbie though


Classy lady


Science & Technology correspondent, Will Goodbody, has been standing on the side of a road in county Wicklow for the last couple of days reporting on the weather. We naturally have the usual regional correspondents such as Damien Tiernan, Ciarán Mullooly, Eileen Magnier et al reporting on the snow in their parts of the country, but I haven’t seen any other correspondent with a specific brief being drafted in like this. I bet Will much prefers reporting on the Web Summit from Lisbon.


A council worker spreading grit on a footpath nearly levelled him on the 1 o’clock news.


Damian Tiernan has been outstanding this last couple of days.


The lad down in west Kerry is doing a fine job as well, great report from Corca Dhuibhne last night, the description of the blanket on the sleeping giant was top class.
Keelin Shanley is very likeable


As buff would say ICONIC



That’s a great picture, fuckit I’d hang that on my wall


I was obsessed by the story of the sleeping giant as a kid. My kids love it now

Great picture alright


Be a bit weird with someone elses family in it


Damien is related to me.

I’ve never met him though.


This time last year Catriona Perry was reporting from the Oscars in California .

Tonight she is reporting from a snow laden field somewhere is Leinster . She looks gloomy .