RTE Correspondents


Not a hope. Shes pure lightweight. Special adviser to snowflake cunts posting on message boards like @glasagusban would suit her down to the ground.


She was goosed once Cunningham applied. He’s the best reporter in there.


MMOC goes through advisors at a fair rate. There’s hope there



That’s where she’s going to.


That’d confirm what most thought: she was too cosy with those she was supposed to hold to account. Will still prob happen but even if it does I ld give her about 8/9 months before one of them pisses off the other


Long live the independence of the media.


Drain the swamp


I didn’t realise this wagon was getting a settlement


Lock her up.


Sharon not happy according to front page of Sindo


They’ll all take legal action now


All of the RTÉ correspondents?


You’re not following the trend here?


The RTÉ correspondents are all making complaints or something?


Jesus RTE gets worse…ex Bel Tel journalist appointed northern correspondent.

In fairness he has his finger on the pulse…no messin with this lad



If that is how cosy it is/was between RTE journalists and politicians and all well with it, what the fuck must Martina Fitzgerald been doing that she got the elbow???

Just a coincidence that an Irish Indo journalist and photographer just happened to stumble across Martina out doing a bit of shopping too.


He has a noble forehead.


The Sunday Business Post’s story on MMOC Shankhill local area newsletter articles was gas. She is a complete idiot and has latched onto the gender stuff herself because she can’t reconcile that she went to bat for Varadkar and he still got rid of her for being useless.

If Maria Bailey had been in DL longer then MMOC wouldn’t have got near cabinet.


Absolutely agree. Sure when she was in jobs, Enterprise etc. She blanked a foreign trade delegation to attend a graduation in IADT, as if the students gave a flying fuck about her being there


Sharon taking legal action against Caitriona Perry for undermining her.