RTE Correspondents



Lovely. They might turf Catriona Perry back over to America after it or better still to the middle East. What’s the crux of the disagreement?


Sharon was angry that on the date of the No Confidence vote in Theresa May that RTÉ were going to split the 9 o’clock news with Perry in Westminister for when the results came in. RTÉ had spent a few quid bringing over Perry and co. for Six One so naturally wanted to use that resource. Quite an odd thing to get upset over.


Why did RTE have to send Ms Perry to London when they already have a London correspondent ? That is the real issue here .


They’d have sent over Dobson when he was the Big Cheese wouldn’t they? Major news story that you could plan for and all that.

Maybe that’s what annoyed Sharon.


Well she must have got her nose up before that, sounds like there’s previous. Miss Perry too big for her boots maybe? I’d love of she was demoted like that other one, and put Sharon back in the 6.00 slot.


I’d say the sense of entitlement within RTE is staggering


She was the “ Washington correspondent “ and became a newsreader on return .


What’s more a lot of them are egotistical to believe they are the story .


They already have boots on the ground there and let’s be honest the VOC in Mrs May was a fait accompli.


Might have been slated to be there because the vote on the deal was supposed to happen.


Did you hear about this stuff when Dobbo was running the show?


Would have never happened on Dobbos watch. Pat Kenny is another pro where you wouldn’t hear this shit spilling out. Since RTE have left wimmin in charge they are running riot and are going to tear each other to pieces.


What a joke. Affirmative action as a policy is a disaster.
Whats it going to be like in 20 years time when tbere are no more Dobbo’s or Sean oRourkes and RTE is being run by hormonal catfighting women done up to the 9s?


It will be beautiful


Was RTE a well run organisation prior to these women taking over?



Damien is a good oul skin. Always has time for the salt of the earth type folks. Well liked across most of the South East as far as I know. Doesn’t take himself too seriously on Twitter either.


Was he shown the door or choose to leave on his own terms? That statement seems fairly cold and wouldn’t suggest much love for the RTE top brass.

He has always seemed a decent fella.

The politics, cronyism and favouritism within RTE must be off the chain.


Whatever happened that RTE insider Twitter account?