RTE Correspondents


Probably bought off with a pay rise and promotion.


And their own show on de TV.


Nice twist on the “Personal News” tweets so many put out, although tbf he’s been there for over two decades whilst you have people putting on LinkedIn and Twitter announcements after been somewhere for six months.


He’s been phoning it in for years.


It always struck me that the South East had a lot less news for the National Broadcaster than the rest of the regions.


The South East has been raped for a decade to the benefit of other regions and this chump hadn’t a word about it.


Waherford has the best motorway in the country leading to it. And no one drives on it.


Sure what the fuck could an RTE regional correspondent do to change anything?


Agreed. I always thought he was utter useless. Who’s going to get the gig next I wonder?


Shur Pascal could cover it, not a bother.


You should drive out past Johnstown/Kill/Naas. They’ve been digging it up for the last 25 years.



Will Downings time has come


I drive it regularly. It costs me about 35mins every day I’m down that part of the country. You’ll find the roadworks finish just at the start of the m9. The motorway to Waherfurd.


Which is why it’s the best motorway


Motorways go both ways.


The kinky bastards… mad for road.


A bit of a political clout wouldn’t go amiss in the South East either. Don’t think there’s even one Minister at the moment between Waterford, Wexford, Carlow/Kilkenny and Tipperary.


They will be sorted when Mcguiness takes out Martn.


Suppose it’s time for Paul Kehoe, to step up from Minister of Defense to a full ministry.
He has kept Ireland safe during his tenure in Defense