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Leo is the Minister for Defence


It’ll be just like American TV.


De wha?


From what ?


My error
Kehoe has some class of a role regarding defense, one of those jobs for the boys style gigs


He’ll be off to Turkey to fix the barnet


Get a sense that Kehoe’s star is on the wane and D’Arcy is the more likelier for promotion in Wexford as is the Pope next door. The FF line up in Waterford and Kilkenny are persona non grata with Champ and Cullinane is well down the pecking order in SF of they went into coalition. It may be that the best bet for a fresh face from the South East ronmake the cabinet table in the near future is Brendan Howlin.


Maybe Damien is planning on doing something about it as part of Leo’s team. That was a very light looking Fine Gael ticket picked at their recent convention in Waterford with only Paudie Coffey on it.


Damien must be raging that less than a week after he leaves there’s a massive south east story. Laura Hogan (whoever she is) seems to be a massive upgrade on him.


What’s the word on the ground?


No clue. My brother in law is from the area and they’re completely puzzled by it. My guess would be that it was something that happened a good bit away from it and they chose those there as a random dumping area as it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. On a road to nowhere really so very quiet.


There’d still be a bit of traffic on that road every day. It was on the road side of the ditch from what I’ve heard and just covered in 2 black bags so wasn’t too much effort to conceal it. No-one missing in the area to my knowledge either.


Probably the most naive dumb and innocent question I have ever seen posted here on this forum, well done JonSnow. 50p winging it’s way to you.


It’s so badly decomposed by the sounds of things that I’d say the lady is a dead a very long time. All very odd.


Is that not the way bodies are usually found in wexford ?


Very strange, the first report I heard was that it was a “foreign woman” but in later reports they couldn’t determine if it was male or woman.


Only indoors


Damien Tiernan is going into politics. Will try and get on the FG ticket for the next election.


Commentators eye. Leo had something up his sleeve when Coffey was the only one nominated at convention.


Sweep Sweep