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First, you’re trying to get a racist reinstated and then resorting to using others tired worn out lines. Your fall from grace has been sad to see.


Racist reinstated?


Damien Tiernan was reporting on this for Morning Ireland



Fallen into a Suitcase & covered in Plastic?


They reckon her body had been there for 12 months. Fucking hell Wexford is some dangerous shithole.


Ferns in particular.


That bit sounds very “someone said someone said”


The rule of thumb is 18 months if dead outside and 6 months if dead inside.

In all seriousness, if this was a road people were walking dogs up and down I’m very surprised that it wasn’t found before now.


There was no suitcase. Covered in black bags which led to the sleeping rough thought as far as I know.


If it was beside a road there surely would have been some bang off the body for a few weeks, particularly if she had been sleeping rough. Weird one.


A bad smell in the country side would hardly raise many flags


In fairness, it is Wexford we are talking about.


I think the ditch was pretty wide where she was found. I ran right past it about a month ago and didn’t notice anything unusual.


Interesting admission


Another case solved by TFK


Is it the kind of place you’d sleep rough?


No, I wouldn’t have thought so. It’s about 3 miles from the village on a country road. Don’t think there’s even any tree cover. You’d want to be in a pretty bad way to even consider sleeping there.


I’m gonna make a prediction that she was sleeping rough on some farmers land or somewhere remote where she was just found and for fear of being implicated in a murder, whoever owned the land dumped the body here recently knowing it would be discovered.