RTE Correspondents


The Wexford lads are circling the wagons.


That Clare Byrne is some lightweight. She had Sammy Wilson on air at lunchtime and allowed him spout shite without laying a glove on him.
Sammy is one clueless mouthpiece when it comes to Brexit but rabbits on as if he’d invented the wheel.


Around the dead body



She looks like she’s after pulling a hot freshly baked tart from the oven there.


She’s a hussey, that one…



His eyes are wild.


So much for him running for TD!



Is she married? Get her off the airwaves this instant.


She is married but she is very protective of her husband and won’t release his name in public.


Does Ronan know about this?


Getting nasty


90k for a regional correspondent. Ffs


Cathy Halloran & Teresa Mannion better be making that too or there’s going to be war.


A huge sum of money but to be fair he was there around 30 years so with incremental yearly rises he’d be pushing up and around that figure. I’m surprised it’s as high as that though, and I’m sure there would have been nice expenses with the gig too. Mr Tiernan seems like an alright sort though.


I though most publuc sector incremental scales hitna ceiling after 8 to 10 years.


They do


Depends on the scale, can have anywhere from 8-20 increments