Rugby Players Rape Trial


Maybe he decided on balance of evidence he couldn’t support him? Based on all the commentary around character witnesses the last while that would be a reasonable approach


Hedworth seemed to go fairly easy on jackson and olding compared to how he dealt with harrison and mcilroy. A couple of border skirmishes without attacking the capital.
The closing arguments are going to be some steam. Anyone know who goes first?


Prosection will go first


This is brilliant. It’s like a “my news” story from a second class pupil.

“The day I met Rory at the bus stop”


Her daughter sounds accident prone


Did you all know that Frank Greaney once lined out for TFK AFC?


What a wonderful young man. He’d have been better off without that witness, make it seem like he pops up around bleeding women or something


It just goes to show that you can’t trust taxi drivers. The useless hoor was probably more concerned about the state of his upholstery.
Pure genius and I’m the only one saw it.


Well not the brightest moment for the defence:

Mr Hedworth QC put it to him: “At 5.09am you phoned Mr McIlroy for more than two minutes.”

Harrison said: “I don’t have a memory of it.”

The barrister continued: “Well the taxi driver did have a memory of it.”

Harrison replied: “Yes he says that.”

Mr Hedworth QC added: “And the manner in which you conducted your telephone call, saying she ‘wasn’t good’.”

Harrison replied: “I was surprised by what he said. It didn’t sound like code to me.”

Mr Hedworth QC asked him: “And you have no recollection of this call at all?”

Harrison responded: “No.”


Did u read @Bandage’s comment & the tweet from Rosanna Cooney?


Surely I haven’t missed something?



Short story, RH is a knight in shining armour, when females sustain accidental bleeding injuries


I was talking about the taxi driver who didn’t help the character witness with her bloody luggage. I give you all too much credit.


Ah, I don’t give you enough. Very good. What do u make of his slip up re taxi conversation?


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I bumped into @RaymondCrotty with his new mates, when challenged on whether he still supported Ulster rogbee considering what’s going on he tried to change the subject asap


Her daughter must have had a bad cut if she bloodied the luggage. Did the defence’s medical witness give her evaluation of it without having seen it?


I suggest a thread title change to “Better Call Rory”.