Rugby Players Rape Trial


You’re taking this all very personally


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Had it been mentioned on any of the threads that the girl who made the accusations is the daughter of a pair of barristers?


Complete barristers apparently


I heard her parents work in the city council but she still once appealed a parking fine.


Am I allowed post in this thread pal??


That text is as damming as anything the lads said.

This girl has no idea what she was at


She is full of shit.


Yet her account of events tie in with the sober, independent witness. The defendants conflict wildly.


They don’t.

And they do not tie in with Doctor or Police reports.

She clearly adjusted the story as she went to make it look more like a rape.

It’s fucking dispicable carry on


Where don’t they tie in?

Have Olding, Jackson, McIlroy and Harrison made up stories not to make it look like a rape?Evidence points to numbers of lies and contradictions in their stories. Why are they lying?



There is no evidence that they made up stories together and indeed prosecution suggestion that McIlroy mixed up his story with Olding is absolute balderdash. They met up for lunch and then some of them headed off drinking for two days, no contact with lawyers etc.

not the actions of lads who were furiously trying to cover their tracks


Harrison contradicted Olding’s account of meeting at Soul Food. Its damning none of them can get their story straight, very damning.


Whether the defendants specifically co-ordinated their stories, how they did it, and the degree to which they did so would be very interesting to know, but it’s ultimately irrelevant.

What is relevant is that their stories are a Tayto multi-pack of lies which, taken together, make about as much sense as the plot of Mulholland Drive, and their stories should be treated with a similar dose of salt as one would find in such a multi-pack - not the small multi-packs with six packets, but the Christmas boxes with 20 packets.

They are the actions of people trying to cover their tracks - in an absolutely cack handed manner.


That’s a very crisp analysis


That sounds very strange.

3.5 years is outrageous relative what other cunts get away with.

If she said no she said no. But it’s extremely hard to know what went on there.


I still cant figure out why this means so much to @TheUlteriorMotive & @caoimhaoin


No comment on complainant being shown to be an absolute bullshitting? ??

Another hypocrite


After Harrison’s car crash of a performance yesterday, Kev is getting very worried. No surprise to see his woman-hating bubbling back to the surface.