Rugby Players Rape Trial


It’s bizarre


Can’t talk for @TheUlteriorMotive

But I have a real distaste for woman crying wolf on rape. I have seen it be very damaging even when the girl retracted quickly. It damages the man socially forever.

Now believe me I have seen the other side too. But this girls story has stunk to me from early on.


Agreed — but are they trying to cover up a rape or trying to patch together a drink fueled night that’s foggy?

Very possible it’s a bit of both… Harrison and McIIroy certainly make it look like a major cover up, they were destroyed on the stand.


The text was qualified by a following text, which does not contradict her account. It wasn’t an official statement taken by police. Do you expect a 19 year old girl who has been the victim of a sexual assault to use the linguistic formality and precision of an official statement when telling her friends what happened in the immediate aftermath?


damned if she does and damned if she doesnt. she was accused on here of using specific and legal sounding language in her text and she is also accused of not being specific enough and vague in her texts.


I know, the lads are playing Schrödinger’s Ideal Complainant here


I don’t think the jury will be in much doubt that their accounts contain a fair amount of both confusion and lies, along with some truth.
When the emotion of the past weeks evidence settles they will have to take a broader view. Then most of their focus will have to turn back to the evidence provided by the claimant, the doctors and the police.


Kev is another poster who is desperate to try and poke holes in what the woman wrote in a single text message, and is happy to completely ignore context by completely ignoring what she wrote in other messages

That’s the exact same tactic that @TheUlteriorMotive used yesterday here and the same tactic that @labane1917 has been copying from Fox News to try and make out there was an FBI conspiracy against David Dennison, sorry, Donald Trump.

It’s fascinating to watch different bluffers use the exact same tactics to try and twist reality in their favour across different stories.

And like @TheUlteriorMotive, Kev doesn’t get how using this complete red herring of a tactic actually makes the chaps look like the liars, not the woman - as it necessitates taking every single thing the chaps said about “top shagging”, “spit roasting” and “pumping” at face value.



Ye lads are fucking hilarious.

Raped. But great night.

Ya that’s the language of someone who was raped alright.

The absolute need to see the rugby players go down is embarrassing and reflects badly on us as a nation.

Grown up my hole.


Yes mate, sarcasm definitely doesn’t exist, especially among millennial girls


One with months of Coaching.

The other within touching distance of events.

It’s pathetic the way ye ignore fairly simple and obvious pointers on common human behaviour


no kev, you said her language in texts early on was not common usage and sounded legal. I’m not going through your hundreds of posts on here, but it was to do with the text she sent Harrison where she said it wasnt consent. and the contradictory nature of now saying she doesnt know what she was at, but you also said she was calculated as soon as she left the house. I’m just finding it odd how the narrative changes so frequently and the same evidence is constantly changing to have differing outcomes.

I’m not sure what is pathetic about viewing it with an open mind. And I’m not sure why obvious pointers on common human behaviour is not analysed in as much detail on the accused.


This needs a seperate thread.


A pair of active rapists.


I find it odd that you have seen both sides of the situation. Thankfully I know nobody accused of rape or to have been raped


If they don’t know they should say it, rather than, you know, lie.


Me neither.


I doubt that is too uncommon either. I have seen both sides, a girl I know who was raped but her attacker got away completely uncharged and never punished over it, and it 100% was rape. And I know of a guy who was accused of rape and was prosecuted over it and after 2 years or so of serving a prison sentence his appeal quashed the ruling and he was deemed not guilty.

  1. I wondered was she calculated from when she left house. That could have started at a number of points. These things are never black and white or start stop. Simple actions can create unbelievably complex situations or stories.
  2. Do you really really honestly believe someone who puts brilliant night and rape together casually is someone who suffered a traumatic rape? Seriously. Do you believe that?
  3. Their behaviour is analyze to death. It was reckless arguably to their own well being more than anything. I think a lot of ye are stuck on morality. And possibly too a lack of experience (not meant to be a dig or negative, just a possibility and probably for alot of lads here) with a varying amount of women. She shows alot of the signs of dangerous and reckless women I have encountered. Is that a bias? Maybe. But it’s also life experience. I think, again which is natural, that some of you lads have known very good women for longer than not. Mother and wife for instance. That forms our views whether we like it or not. I think ye are predisposed on a number if levels to side with the girl. These are generally points and not specific to you @gman but I have a suspicion on that front. And I understand it. But just step back from it.
  4. I have an open mind if new evidence presents itself. But we can decide on what we know to date. My view has fluctuated on the lads. They are a product of their environment and modern society. Have they lied. Yes. Intentionally? I suspect Jackson and McIlroy have lied intentionally. Not to get out of rape. Just to get away from the situation.


Serious insightful minds at play here in these rape threads.