Rugby Players Rape Trial


What’s odd about it?

25% of women in Ireland have been sexually assaulted in Ireland at some point.

It’s likely more.

You probably know girls but do not know it happened to them.

I played sport with a guy accused both wrongfully and another (in my opinion and hindsight) rightfully. The damage to the first guy was extreme psychologically and socially. The 2nd guy got out of court thru money. Anyone I knew close to case believed girl. She is a mess still. He is still a self entitled arrogant cunt. It would lend itself to believing the girl. Could be wrong of course but somethings people just cannot hide.

Either you live a very sheltered life or you are not the type of person people would confide in.


Of course.

Insightful = you are a rapist.

Logically really.

Kinda like

Rugby player = rapist


Very similar to myself


That’d be about it.



Can it be used in court?


dont worry, I know never to take any point you make as a personal accusation!

I get that you suspect some may have a different outlook on women. others on here have made over exaggerated comments on similar that the only thing they know is missionary position so obviously wouldnt understand that what these did here was consensual.

On a morality view, I think what they did was disgusting, the manner in how they treated her, the assumption that she was up for it and the way the other lads want to join in in one lad having sex. It seems they dont want to do this for their own personal enjoyment, but rather so they can boast about it and tell their mates how great they are.

But again, none of that means they are rapists for sure.

As for her, she doesnt sound calculated at all. The manner of her behaviour after doesnt suggest she was out to get them. Something happened for sure that she didnt like. Did it happen at the start, or the end or half way, I dont know. She says it was at the start. Its nigh on impossible to judge that without full hearing of facts, and even at that will still probably be impossible to judge.

Her text to the friend, it could simply be a coping mechanism. How do you tell someone how it happened? I dont know? I’ve never been in a situation like that nor heard from someone like that. I dont think there is any one way to react to being (allegedly) raped. Texts dont carry emotion, they are black and white. Who knows what emotional state she was in writing it.



58% of all statistics are made up to justify one’s point of view


You are saying they assumed she was up for it. Who is to say she wasn’t.

It’s fairly obvious she was up for something.

That’s you making assumptions about the lads


What does that mean?

Jack shit


it shows the number of sexual assaults each year


no, Jackson said he assumed she was up for it in his statements whilst on the stand.

The only assumption I made was that they do it for boasting rather than personal enjoyment.


I agree with that, certainly in Oldings case.


And to “PASS” spitroast


How old is the oldest woman you know?


And just to correct, for fear of being told I used the wrong word, Jackson said “presumed” not “assumed”. My error




Just the number that are reported each year to be fair. Many women would not report such assaults as they can often be mocked, not believed or accused of just being after money sadly. It’s this type of attitude in society that sees this being the only major crime increasing in number each year and 1 in 4 women apparently being subjected to sexual assault.


Kev is talking about 1 in 4 women being raped mate.

do you think that is accurate?


I thought he said 1 in 4 were sexually assaulted? I’d like to think that is on the high side but then you read some posts from lads on here who are freely roaming our streets and you start to fear the worst on it.